Find the best-in-class solar solutions
with cheaper than grid tariffs

Solar Energy Solutions

Whether your aim is to cut energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, fulfil regulatory obligations or accomplish your sustainability goals, CleanMax has a solution for you. We provide on-site solar power with zero investment at a discount to grid tariff. In certain states, we can supply solar power through the grid from our solar farm. If you prefer to make the investment yourself, we also offer “CAPEX model”.

OPEX Model (Build-Own-Operate)

Avoid the CAPEX and the performance risk. Under BOO solar energy solutions model, you only pay for the energy consumed, typically 20-40% cheaper to grid electricity tariff with zero investment on the asset, thus saving money in the process. Operation and maintenance will be handled by us. Sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with us to save on your power cost.


CleanMax will install the solar power plant, and you take the asset ownership. Post installation, our expert engineers will ensure your solar energy operations run efficiently under an operation & maintenance agreement.

Solar Farm (Open Access)

CleanMax can supply solar power to you from one of our solar farms in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. If you are looking for a solar solution with zero upfront investment and power supply cheaper than the grid electricity (under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement), then Open Access Solar Farm is a perfect solution for you.

Maximizing Solar Power Output

At CleanMax, maximising solar performance starts with having all the right data. Our proprietary remote monitoring system collects the relevant information from all our sites and feeds it to our integrated maintenance platform. This allows us to:

Immediately recognise and diagnose maintenance problems.
Dispatch the right engineer to address the specific issue.
Remotely reset the equipment if required.
Assess whether plant performance is optimised.
Provide real-time performance to our customers.
Generate plant performance reports automatically.