Grow Solar Farms on Barren Lands

CleanMax    September 6, 2017   |   Tuesday

Solar Farms in India on Barren Lands

Water is scarce, and we are all reminded about this fact every now and again. Over the last few years, we have faced one of the most severe natural crises ever. Right from Africa to US to India, people across the globe have faced some of the driest seasons. Going forward, things will not improve unless we adopt some drastic measures on the climate change front. Even this scenario looks bleak because of the geographical tensions between various countries. And so, as temperatures rise across the planet, we will continue to face more and more drought-like situations.

This holds greater significance for a country like India, where more than 65% of the population depends on agriculture for living. We all know the way our farmers are suffering because of less rainfall and how green pastures are turning dry and desolate.

Why not grow (install) solar farms?
In many cases world over, solar farms are replacing cropland that doesn’t generate enough income from traditional farming or has grown barren over time. Other times, solar farms are being placed on vacant industrial sites or land that hasn’t grown crops in years.

India is blessed with a vast solar energy potential. And solar farming is a renewable source of energy and the greenest form of commercial energy. One way of saving the situation for Indian farmers is to use these pieces of barren land to grow solar farms. Even today, a lot of places in India do not have electricity because of a lack of grid connectivity. Hence, these farms would help a great deal in lighting up many villages.

Japan has already started working towards its goal by developing a technology for a 1-gigawatt solar farm, which would include four square kilometres of solar panels stationed 36,000 kilometres above the earth’s surface. The energy that will be produced by the solar farm would be enough to supply power to nearly 400,000 average Japanese homes. Another case in point is California, which has been facing one of the worst droughts in its history. The state is entering the fourth year of a record-breaking drought creating an extremely parched landscape. However, this has also led to California emerging as America’s leading solar market.

One idea, many benefits
The concept of solar farming has many benefits. To begin with, farmers will earn stable income in the form of rent for their land parcels. They will have to rely less on monsoons to earn a living. Imagine a crop that can be harvested daily on the most barren desert and arid land, with no fertiliser or tillage, and that produces no harmful emissions. Imagine an energy source so bountiful that it can provide many times more energy than we could ever expect to need or use.

Solar farming could be a game changing programme for rural India. It is a win-win situation for the country and the environment, and has the potential to power India’s economy, create millions of new jobs and change the face of India as a Green Nation.

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