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If you are looking to cut your electricity bills or your carbon footprint, using renewable sources of energy is the place to start. If you are willing to make the upfront investment in owning a renewable energy plant then an EPC Model (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) or CAPEX Model is the answer to your needs.

Detailed engineering design

A high-quality renewable energy plant starts with design. We begin by understanding your requirements, conducting a site survey, and monitoring the weather conditions. Our engineering experts then determine the appropriate power generation capacity for your site depending on your area and electricity consumption pattern, select the appropriate equipment, complete the engineering design, and finally integrate our proprietary digital operational and maintenance platform for the proposed renewable energy plant.

Procurement of equipment

We will procure components from our approved suppliers, whom we use for our own projects as well. As your one-stop renewable energy EPC contractor, at CleanMax, our job is to ensure sourcing the best-in-class quality equipment’s to fulfil your basic need i.e. a reliable power.

Renewable energy plant construction

From various options available (Distributed Solar Solutions, Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Wind Solar Hybrid Farms or Energy Storage Solutions), our engineers will construct and assemble the renewable energy solution which you will choose, which is customized as per requirements.

Operation & Maintenance services

We monitor our large portfolio of renewable energy plants continuously, to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime. The maintenance contract will ensure that our experienced engineers are monitoring the renewable energy plant 24×7 so that the system runs efficiently through its lifetime, offering you uninterrupted service and maximizing your renewable energy plant’s performance.

Our turnkey EPC solution includes the entire project, right from studying site feasibility, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety, to the final plant commissioning. This also includes managing the complete operation and maintenance of the renewable energy plant through a 24×7 remote proprietary monitoring solution.

If you are looking for a capex-free investment, you can consider other CleanMax solutions, such as the OPEX or RESCO model.

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