Solar Myth Busters

CleanMax    November 7, 2016   |   Monday

Solar Power Plant- Myth Busters

Anything out of the ordinary comes with myths attached to it, and non-conventional sources of energy are no different. This has somewhat acted as a roadblock for people to embrace clean sources of energy.

In this article, we have worked towards clearing certain misconceptions about solar energy. Although this blog post may not contain everything, it will clear most of the doubts you have, so that you can at least Think Solar!

Myth #1 Solar energy technology is still at a nascent stage!
For those of you who are not aware, an American inventor Charles Fritts built the first solar cell using selenium in the year 1885. In 1954, researchers at Bell Labs harnessed the photoelectric effect on silicon, setting the course for modern solar technology. Since then, solar has powered space exploration, oil derricks, cellular networks and grid-tied businesses and homes. Even the great scientist Thomas Edison once quoted, “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

Be assured, solar energy has been work in progress since decades. People have started taking it seriously after the fossil fuels have done severe damage to our planet.

Myth #2 Need clear sky & hot temperatures for solar panels to generate electricity
Just like you do not require complete sunlight to see, solar panels do not require clear skies to produce electricity. UV light is all that’s needed! Solar panels work just fine in ambient light and will produce significant energy even on foggy or overcast days. Solar panels actually work more efficiently in relatively colder temperature because heat can reduce output voltage. Germany being one of the cloudy and coldest countries is actually the world leader today in solar energy production.

Bottom line is solar works anywhere where there is sunlight.

Myth #3 Solar means incurring heavy costs
This is perhaps the biggest misconception, and probably deserves the first place on this Myth Buster list! Please understand that solar energy is not just a thing for the rich. In fact, it helps you optimise your operational expenditure to some level. According to the US-based Solar Energy Industries Association, prices of solar energy has actually dropped by 50% in the last five years. And yes, modern financing options have all but eliminated the barrier to entry for solar (big upfront costs), so many organisations are now able to go solar for little or no money.

Myth #4 If I get solar, I can live completely off the grid
The usual practice is to install panels so that the energy produced from the sun can be consumed on a real-time basis. Completely going off the grid would be the perfect scenario though it’s a costly affair at present. That would require a battery back-up system, since huge batteries have to be installed to store electricity, and these batteries come with a price tag.

Myth #5 Solar panels cause damage, leakages to the roof
On the contrary, solar panels protect rooftops from the usual wear and tear. Even if there is regular repair that needs to be done, solar panels can easily be moved. Most solar panels are not attached directly to the roof itself, but rather to a mounted railing system. Installers add sealants to fill in any gaps and often the mounts are surrounded by metal “flashing,” or coverings that act as an extra barrier from the elements.

Myth #6 Solar panels are fragile and don’t last very long
An independent energy forum, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has stated in its report that solar panel conversion efficiency typically degrades at 0.4% per year. This is more of a theoretical limit and how long a solar panel actually lasts will depend upon a number of factors including the quality of the material, environmental conditions, and how well-maintained the system is.

Over time, solar installers have found that if maintained well, the panels last for a quarter century at least. Solar panels with a manufacturer-backed lifetime generation warranty of 25 years are now readily available in the market.

Myth #7 Solar panels need regular maintenance
Maintaining a solar panel is like washing your car. While the car needs to be washed daily, solar panels need to be cleaned only once a fortnight. That’s all you need to do. Traditional solar panels have no moving parts and do not require regular cleaning. They are extremely reliable and with no moving parts, maintenance is a breeze.

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