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Colonel Narendra Verma, COO (Utility Scale RE Projects), CleanMax; in an interview with Renewable Watch

  • Date : 15/12/2022
  • Source : Renewable Watch

he renewable sector and the overall economy, both domestic and global, have been impacted by significant recent geopolitical upheavals. The energy crisis due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict clearly points to larger investments in green power. The Government of India has taken many initiatives in recent times to promote and provide a favorable environment for the gr­ow­th of renewable energy. India has also played a major role at COP27 and on various international platforms to espouse the need for action on climate control. The proposed amendments to the Energy Co­nservation Act that have been passed in the Lok Sabha will empower the country to increasingly strive towards its net zero commitment of 2070, with further impleme­ntation of the Nationally Determined Contri­bu­­tions in a timely manner.