Steps for Rooftop Solar Plant Installation

More and more businesses in India are beginning to consider clean energy alternatives to lower their energy bills and contribute towards environmentally sustainable practices. The movement was slow, however, simply because of a lack of knowledge and the absence of simple sustainable solutions.

Since 2015, solar power has been leading this movement globally as well in India. The revolution is real, and more businesses find it easier to install a solar power plant in their drive towards achieving their sustainability targets.

However, despite the in roads solar power is making in India, there are concerns and myths surrounding rooftop solar installation. This is why, at CleanMax, we have put together resources that demonstrates the ease and convenience of installing solar power plants on roof, whether RCC or metal.

These process videos will demonstrate simplified steps of an actual installation of a rooftop solar power plant, to give you a feel for how a rooftop solar installation really works.

The videos will not only help you understand the simplicity of the process, but they will also clear certain misconceptions surrounding the project installation and additionally, it will showcase our operational excellence in commissioning solar power plants.

This video shows the actual solar plant installation done by CleanMax at Alkem Laboratories in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The installation shown is a 45 kWp system installed on a flat RCC roof. Since the installation, the plant has been exceeding expectations in terms of energy performance.

The number of days indicated in the video is the actual days it took to complete each step for this project.

Through this video we will show you the actual CleanMax Solar solar plant installation on an industrial metal roof in Taloja, Mumbai, Maharashtra for a Global Swiss company. The installation shown is a 942 kWp system installed on a flat metal roof. With the solar panel installation in place, the company has been witnessing the plant perform beyond expectation.


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Steps for Rooftop
Solar Plant Installation

including one of the world’s largest Data Center company
are powered by CleanMax.

Seven Steps for Solar Plant Installation

Designing and Marking

The first step is designing and marking on the rooftop.


The solar modules are connected in series with DC cables to the inverter, and with AC cables from the inverter to the evacuation point (customer’s LT panel).

Civil Work and Curing

Engineers build columns to hold the module mounting structures. As you can see in the video, there is zero drilling, anchoring or puncturing on the rooftop. The civil work took around 5-6 days to be completed.

Inverter Connection and Grid Synchronisation

Once the installation is complete, the inverter is charged. It begins synchronizing solar power with the customer’s existing electrical grid.

Module Mounting Structure Installation

Next, the execution team mounts the module mounting structures on the civil foundations.

Seamless Power Distribution

Lastly, seamless power distribution begins as soon as the electrical connections are in place.

Module Installation

In this step, solar modules (panels) are bolted onto the module mounting structures. The entire process is completed within a few days, depending on the size of installation. This project took just 4 days.

Installing solar plant on roof, whether RCC or metal, is not only a hassle-free solution to go green but also a wise business move to cut energy cost.

To know more about solar plant installation in India, or to clear any apprehensions about adopting solar or installing solar power system on your rooftop or parking area , contact CleanMax or write in at [email protected]

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