Ground Mount Plant - NBC

Solar generation maximised at NBC,
Newai: 20% more delivered with solar trackers


NBC Bearings extended its long standing partnership with CleanMax when it decided to install a solar plant at its Newal unit and appointed CleanMax as their preferred sustainability partner for this facility as well as three other locations: Jaipur, Vadodara and Manesar. Since NBC had spare land at the back of the manufacturing facility, CleanMax suggested a ground-mount tracker based installation to maximize the generation.

A tracker – based system is a solar power generating system that “tracks” the movement of the sun throughout the day. It is an axle based on a shaft that rotates to maximize the solar irradiation falling on the modules. The shaft starts at 45 degrees east in the morning and goes up to 45 degrees west by the evening, achieving a total rotation of 90 degrees. Though a tracker-based system costs more as compared to a standard ground mount system, the higher generation can justify the cost, depending on the specific location and other factors. CleanMax was able to provide more generation power than promised, and this has led to NBC partnering with CleanMax for the expansion of the existing plant, as well as business across multiple other sites.

Post the successful installation, the plant spread across an area of approximately 2.8 acres. The plant has surpassed all expectations and is performing 20% better as compared to “fixed tilt” or non-tracker systems in terms of generation. The solar plant has also helped NBC Bearings significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Quick Facts


Newai, Rajasthan


434 kWp

Type Of System

Gound mount system with trackers

Annual Generation

7.8 lacs units

Carbon Dioxide Abated

740 tons annually

Date Of Commissioning

January 2016

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